Financial E-Books


Financial Budgeting E-Book

Our Financial Coaching E-Book is jammed packed with information to help you kick start your Financial Habits! Rather if you're trying to save for an emergency funds, School, or creating a better live for yourself or your family, our basic Financial Guide will help you!


Building Business Credit E-Book

It is estimated that 90% of entrepreneurs and business owners have no idea what business credit is or that it even exists. They either don't understand the process or the value of building a business credit profile. The 10% of entrepreneurs and business owners understand the process or value and have business credit make it in the first 5 years of building their business. our business credit ebook will help you understand how to build your business credit file, obtain capital, and leverage needed to actually start your business without using personal finance.

Personal Financial Lifestyle Q&A E-Book 


Our E-book is Jammed Packed to help you gain knowledge & Educate yourself the basic Q&As on the Credit Restoration disputing process.


Sample Dispute Personal Financial Lifestyle letters

6 Sample Disputer Letters Kit Which includes; - Sample Investigation Letter - Sample 30-45 Day Response Letter - Sample Method of Verification letter - Sample Bankruptcy Letter - Sample Repossession Letter - Sample Inquiry Letter 


Financial E-Book Bundle Series 

Receive all E-Books - Building Business Credit E-book - Credit Restoration Q&A - Sample Dispute Letters - Financial Budgeting E-Book